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The absenteeism charter: insights from all stakeholders

Everyone in your organisation plays a role in creating a sustainable positive absenteeism policy.
That’s why Mensura and Certimed have enriched their vision with the broad perspective of all stakeholders in absenteeism. This is how we engage in the conversation and share insights with various experts, employers, HR managers, and employees. Our approach to absenteeism keeps everyone on board.

Discover remarkable visions of absenteeism

The three keys to success

Be ambitious, but be patient

Putting a clear absenteeism policy on paper is crucial. The subsequent implementation then requires changes from your organisation and employees. Set the bar high, but also provide time to grow towards a different approach to ensure the policy is supported.

Go for a positive and measurable impact

Ensure the absenteeism procedures are strict, and that you can monitor the efforts objectively. Only then will you know what works and where you need to make adjustments.

Have a warm business dialogue

Managers must motivate and support employees, but also hold them accountable for the expected performance and desired behaviour. This will ensure you create an atmosphere of trust in which employees play an active role in their own careers and health.

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