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Absenteeism Charter partners

Absenteeism is not longer just an HR matter; it requires a broader approach. This is why we at Mensura and Certimed engage in dialogue with everyone involved in absenteeism. The Absenteeism Charter forms the basis for a long-term, positive absenteeism policy.

Broadening absenteeism awareness


Together with software developer Otherside@Work, we have developed a software package called TeamFlows. Our software partner relies on years of expertise in the Netherlands and is a reference in absenteeism support.


We work together with Wellways and their team of psychologists for certain types of psychological support.

Want to join the Absenteeism Charter?

As a professional or hands-on expert, do you tend to take a legal, medical, or social approach? Do you believe that certain aspects of absenteeism are overlooked and would like to share your vision?

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