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Tailer-made course : Positive absenteeism policy: legal do’s-and-don’ts

Where ?

According to your specific business needs
and within your organisation.

What ?

What do you learn?

You learn about your rights and duties as an employer. Using practical cases, as well as theoretical knowledge about medical controls/employee checks, we help you to develop an active attendance policy.

By means of concrete cases and best practices, we will guide you through:

  • The rules and laws on sick leave
  • The right to privacy and how to reconcile this with an active attendance policyMedical controls/employee checks: the obligations of your staff, what the law says about sanctions, the role of the controlling doctor, arbitration procedures and professional secrecy
  • Absenteeism interviews and how to handle them, with the help of practical cases
  • The role of the occupational physician
  • The possibilities and limitations of adapted work

In the case of tailor-made training, we analyse your labour regulations in the preparatory phase. In this way, we cover the legal provisions that are most relevant to your organisation's practice.