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Advice and strategy for a tailor-made absenteeism policy

Absenteeism is a challenge for every HR department. An absenteeism policy is therefore a must. Using a project plan, you can interpret the policy based on your needs and goals. Our experts will help you with this.

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The challenges you are struggling with

Your absenteeism approach is only successful if everyone in your organisation is behind it. Things often go wrong there. And this can be due to three reasons:

Absenteeism is seen as an HR problem

HR is often alone when it comes to absenteeism. Even though managers are closer to the employees. By involving managers, your absenteeism policy has more impact.

Absenteeism is measured, but not analysed

Thoroughly analysing absenteeism reports provides you with the necessary insights to build your absenteeism policy, and to accurately evaluate actions and adjust the policy if necessary.

Agreements on absenteeism are not complied with

Practice shows that people often do not know about or understand absenteeism agreements, which means they are handled carelessly. Managers sometimes see the agreements as an administrative burden rather than an aid. Crystal-clear absenteeism procedures put an end to this.

This is how you roll out a sustainable and positive absenteeism policy

Based on your own challenges, you can design an absenteeism policy that takes into account all aspects of absenteeism – from support to the role of managers. You can then tackle them in phases. For this, we have developed a five-step plan.

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The project plan: your roadmap for a tailor-made absenteeism policy

A good absenteeism policy starts with a solid project plan. The project plan needs to describe the step-by-step actions and what your goals are for each of the five steps. You can then link the necessary actions according to your particular challenges and needs. You don’t have to do this alone: our experts will draw up a project plan for you containing information about the status quo, priorities, required effort and budget, ROI and realistic timing.

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