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Take control of your procedures and figures with absenteeism software

TeamFlows absenteeism software digitises absenteeism procedures and ensures all the stakeholders can work together. This gives you real-time figures and insight into what is going on in your organisation.

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TeamFlows: the absenteeism barometer for your organisation

TeamFlows offers continuous support for your absenteeism policy. All stakeholders – HR, managers and employees – work in one application, which implements your absenteeism procedures and policy.

Why choose TeamFlows?

Administrative simplification of obligations

Employees can submit their sickness certificates digitally and will automatically receive a reminder if they are likely to forget. A questionnaire will allow a Certimed doctor to assess the reason for the absence, after which you gain insight into the causes of absenteeism via anonymous reports.

Support when following up absenteeism procedures

The software supports your absenteeism procedures and provides timely notifications when follow-up is required.

Optimal support for managers

Tips, checklists, template letters and other tools help managers enter into dialogue with employees and to correctly register their actions. If they need to take action, they will automatically receive a notification.

Extensive real-time reporting

TeamFlows translates your absenteeism figures into a dynamic monitoring tool. In addition to the classic absenteeism figures at various levels, you can also monitor the absenteeism processes and tasks performed by managers.

Integration with personnel data

The software is connected to your social secretariat to easily exchange data and keep it up-to-date.

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Choose the formula that offers the best fit for your organisation

We can help you choose the solution that best suits your company.

Features Teamflows Pro Teamflows Premium
Employees can submit certificates check check
Alarm in case of late sickness notifications and/or submission of certificates check check
Real-time follow-up of absenteeism figures check check
Alarm and triggers for meetings about absenteeism procedures check check
Checklist for meetings about absenteeism procedures and registration check check
Model documents and letters check check
Dashboard with real-time status of all absenteeism actions check check
Application and registrations of medical checks * check check
Real-time follow-up of medical checks * check check
Root cause analysis and reporting via Certimed * check check
Alarm and triggers based on medical causes * check check
Data exchange with social secretariat ** check check
Alarm and triggers for warm business meetings and registration check
Real-time support with conversation techniques check
Alarm and triggers for multidisciplinary reintegration processes check
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* Depending on the contract you have entered into with Certimed
** Depending on the level of co-operation you have with your social secretariat

Our software partner

Here at Mensura and Certimed, we offer the TeamFlows software package in collaboration with Otherside@Work. Our software partner relies on years of expertise in the Netherlands, and is a reference in absenteeism support.