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The absenteeism charter

Absence can no longer just be considered an HR matter. It is time for a broader view. This is why we at Mensura and Certimed entered into discussion. With experts, employers, HR managers and employees. Based on the absenteeism charter, we developed a sustainable and positive absenteeism policy.

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Our growth model for a positive absenteeism approach

A sustainable and positive absenteeism policy – with a culture of trust that maintains everyone at a level of employability – requires time and individual effort. There are different levels you must achieve in a certain chronological order.

Discover the 4 phases of our growth model
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Absenteeism explained

In ‘Absenteeism explained’, our experts answer your most frequently asked questions about absenteeism.

View the most frequently asked questions

Our 4 pillars for a tailor-made approach

At Mensura and Certimed we offer a total approach for sustainable positive absenteeism policy.

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Get started yourself with the innovative and sustainable approach to absenteeism

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